How to pay?

Find your nearest cash deposit ATM. To get information on addresses, working hours and detailed instructions on how to use your bank’s cash deposit ATM, please visit your banks website::

  1. Select the DEPOSIT CASH option under cardless services.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  3. Enter the Bank account number that you want to deposit the cash into.

    Account name: W1 ePayment Services (Pty) Ltd.
    Account number: 626 9472 6666
    Branch: 25 06 55
    Reference: Wallet/Invoice Reference No
    Cash Dep Fee 0.8%

  4. Enter the reference that will appear on your account only and press PROCEED.
    Reference: Wallet/Invoice Reference
  5. Enter your contact number and press PROCEED.
  6. Place your notes into the ATM slot.
  7. Your deposit will then be processed. Press 'Proceed' on the confirmation page.

After your deposit has been processed, you will receive a confirmation. Take your receipt as proof of your deposit. Pay the exact amount due plus the cash deposit fee charged by your bank. Once processed, you will be notified via cellphone or e-mail.

Important Notice!

When topping up you must specify your Wallet / Invoice Reference as your reference.
Payment processing might take from 1 to 24 hours.
Payment cannot be processed if it's description differs from the abovementioned.
You may be charged a Cash Deposit Fee as charged by your Bank on an ATM Cash Deposit. Please refer.