To receive money via CONTACT

To receive money via CONTACT

Money nransfers CONTACT

You can receive funds in an easy and quick way from the account of Wallet One via the CONTACT. Payments are made only in RUB and in the territory of the Russian Federation. Cash can be obtained immediately.

How to get money from the wallet?

Step 1. Transfer preparation

  1. In your personal account of the wallet find the provider in the " Payment ": in the search bar, enter "CONTACT" or "contact".
  2. Correctly fill in the form to indicate the sender and the recipient details, phone, and the necessary amount.
  3. Check your entries and confirm the transfer.
  4. You will receive a SMS- message with the number of the transfer. Keep it until you get your cash.

Step 2. Obtaining money

  1. Visit the CONTACT service.
  2. Notify the cashier that you need to get the money transfer from the "Wallet One” payment service via CONTACT. Provide the notification document together with the following information:
    • Recipient’s name;
    • the amount of the transfer;
    • number of transfer.
  3. Get the money.
Addresses of the CONTACT


You can get money after providing your identification document. Banking institutions are entitled to ask you other identifying information, including documents confirming the legitimacy of your stay in Russia. If you are a non-resident of the Russian Federation, have your documents ready to provide.
Payments are made only in RUB and in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Minimum amount of the payment - 10 RUB, the maximum - 150 000 RUB for identified users of the service and 15,000 rubles for unidentified users.
Commission is 2.9 %, but not less than 65 RUB.
If during the transfer the given information is wrong or there are insufficient funds in CONTACT the transfer fee will not be refunded.
24-hour information service CONTACT: 8-800-200-42-42 (free call in the territory of Russia), +7 (495) 799-5626.