Bank transfer top up

Bank transfer top up

You can top up your wallet in cash or via wire transfer to the bank account of the “Wallet One” payment service. Bank transfers are accepted only from  individuals.

Payments from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are not accepted. Refunds of such payments are made on application and can take considerable time. A scanned electronic version of a signed and stamped application must be sent to the following e-mail:

Bank details to top up a wallet

To top up your wallet by a bank deposit, use the bank details of LLC “O2” – bank payment agent of LLC NPO “Checkout”:

Recipient LLC «О2»
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number / Tax Registration Reason Code7723608499 / 770301001
Bank Account40702810138110014253
Bank Identification Code044525225
Correspondent Account30101810400000000225
Bank nameJSC «SBERBANK of RUSSIA» Moscow
Purpose of paymentContractual payment #_____________, net of VAT. *

*Reference number – is the 12-digit account number of your wallet

Take Note when specifying the purpose of payment or reference number. Entering this incorrectly will cause the payment to fail.

Purpose of payment must be as follows:

Purpose of paymentPayment on invoice #_____________ dated (day/month/year), net of VAT.

Transfer through bank branches

To top up W1-wallet by a bank transfer is possible at any Russian bank, which can receive cash payments for transfer to the third parties.

  1. Print the details of the payment to top up your account in “Wallet One”.
  2. At any bank branch fill in the payment notice, specifying the details of the payment, the name and address of the payer – individual, the amount payable.
  3. Платежное извещение на банковский перевод

  4. Check if the form is filled in correctly and pay the receipt, providing the cashier your identification document (passport).


You can top up your wallet from your bank account via wire transfer / electronic funds transfer to the bank account of the “Wallet One” payment service. This can be done using online banking (including internet banking) or at the bank branch where you have an account.


Funds will reflect after 3-5 working days.
Transfer fee will be charged according to the rates of the bank.
Legal entities may not deposit money to “Wallet One” user accounts.