Payment acceptance module for CMS InSales

Payment acceptance module for CMS InSales

InSales is a full-fledged platform for online stores including a variety of integrations, reliable hosting and 24/7 support.
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1.Installing Application

Before configuring the application, please register a new account in the Wallet One system. Please, find more information on the registration process in the special section of the website.

Go to Application Center, extended functions, and find W1 Wallet One Checkout application there. Press Install. Then in the Installed section of the applications, press the Enter button located next to W1 Wallet One Checkout application.

2. Configuring Application

Your application has been installed, only a few steps are left to finish the configuartion. We need to get the data from your account in the Wallet One system. For this go to Integration page in the properties of your account at

Add «» to URL Script.

Select MD5 in EDS Generation Method. A long string of figures and latin letters will appear in this section. Copy the string to the clipboard.

Go to applcation properties and add the string to EDS of your Wallet (MD5/SHA1).

Go to account properties and copy a store identifier to the clipboard.

Select the currency set in your insales store (follow this link to check it). Save the result. You have created a payment through W1 Wallet One Checkout. Now every Wallet One Checkout payment method is available to you:
plastic cards, e-money, payment terminals, mobile shops Svyaznoi, etc.

3.Configuring Payment Method

Press the name of the payment method (Pay with W1 Wallet One Checkout). Now you can edit it in your store.

You need to select binding to delivery methods, i.e. the delivery methods which can be paid for with W1 Wallet One Checkout. You can also change the name and the message for the user. Other parameters require no changes. Save the results.

Your store is ready to accept payments!

4. Configuring Certain Payment Methods

If you want to add certain payment methods to your payment page, you can link them with separate buttons/strings.

In your store it will look like a separate string for each payment method.

Your store is ready to accept payments!