Link for an order payment

Link for an order payment

In order to accept payments through Wallet One Checkout, it is not necessary to understand all the technical intricacies and perform complex integration. If you have a few orders, you can send a link for payment of your order directly to your clients by email. For this it is necessary to allow the acceptance of payments in your private office settings and specify the information about the store, which will be displayed to your clients when they pay. The Form below allows you to create an order and get the link to pay.
This function is available only if the digital signature is disabled in your account. To turn this function off go to your private office, then to “Settings” – “Online Store”-“signature type “, select “Do not use “.

Order form

Seller:Enter the number of the wallet, obtained during the registration of the online store.
Order amount:The amount rounded to 2 digits after the “comma”, for example, 1000.00 or 431.50
Order description:
Click on the button to go to the payment page and copy the link (see below).


After clicking the “Continue” button and sending the order form in Wallet One Checkout, you will proceed to the payment page of your order. Copy the link from the address bar of your web browser, as shown in the figure, and send it by e-mail.